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1.In "Delfino II:nDiez in the Desert," the first thing that went wrong on Diez's ill-fated trip was that. A. a woman became delirious and died. B. a rash struck those who had been slashed by cactus needles. C.Diez got in a fistfight with his coyote trainee. D. the group was spotted by a Border Patrol helicopter.
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2.The speaker of the poem "Your World" goes from living in a small nest in a corner to. A. being welcome into a large flock of birds. B. being devoured by the family's hungry cat. C. soaring "to the uttermost reaches" of the sky. D. thriving with other wildlife in a big airy bam. 3.The tone of "Mexicans Bein Jogging" might be described as. A. bitter B. defeated C. eerie D. triumphant 4.The feeling that things weren't as good as they seemed is described best by which image in "Borders"? A. " if she were trying to see through a bad storm or riding high on black ice." B. "...if she wasn't spreading jelly on the truth..." C. "coyote went fishing, one day. That's how it all started." D. "The guard who came out to our car was all smile." 5.The author of "Hip-Hop Planet" describes the legend of the Great Rock of toubab Dialaw in order to A. describe an image of hope that is similar to hip-hop. B. show the lack of education of the people of toubab Dialaw. C. describe the setting of the Chez Las restaurant to give it contest. D. represent some non-Franch history in the story because the resident say they only learn French history. 6.Which best describe why the author has the mother and son in "Borders" sleep in the car for two days? A. to show their poverty B. to show the bureaucracy of the border patrol C. to show tension among the characters in the rising action of the story D. to show the depth of the mother's willingness to stand up for her heritage

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