• AvaOBri
I need a catchy title for my monologue. Just something that sounds good for the story or is a play on words.
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  • AvaOBri
And to think that you actually believed that now of all days you could have asked to hang out! Or even talk to me for that matter! I’ve been trying to get your attention since the beginning of the year and now you finally decide reach out? Don’t you remember? Last month… in the lunchroom. {pause and shake your head back and forth} That’s what I thought. All you had to do was show on the first day and bam, you had a group of people ready to wait on you hand and foot. So, lunch was the only time I could actually talk to you without a swarm of people crowding you like bodyguards. You were talking about your upcoming double date to that Brenna girl. You know, the girl we both despised in middle school for teasing us every day? I strolled up to ask you if you wanted to go to the mall like we used to. And with my luck, I had to walk by a group of boys who thought it would be just hilarious to trip me. I fell face-first to the ground on top of my tray of food, and silence spread around the room. And that silence was broke when EVERYONE around me started an uproar of laughing. Some people pointed at me, others mocked me and acted out what had just happened. I had to stand up with the chunky marinara sauce and long spaghetti noodles dripping all down my clothes and walk out that lunchroom with whatever ounce of dignity I had left. And I thought if I passed you, I would see sympathy on your face… That maybe you would feel pity and stick up for me. Because that’s what friends do, right? But, you just stood there. Laughing. {pause and laugh sadly} This is ridiculous. Where were you the past 3 months when I was getting pushed around and made fun of for actually attempting to make friends or achieving good grades? Or when I sat alone at lunch while everyone else chatted away with each other. Where were you then huh? {pause} Never mind. Forget it. Just leave me alone and don’t you EVER try and talk to me again.
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