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should countries be allowed to develop without interference from stronger nations?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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I feel like this question has more of an opinion based nature.
  • anonymous
The full question is: The Monroe Doctrine expressed the idea that new countries should be allowed to develop without interference from stronger nations. Does the United States still follow this policy? Do you think that such a policy should be followed in the modern world?
  • HannahC234
Not quiet true. The doctrine wanted to ensure that European countries would not no longer colonize the western hemisphere but could maintain the status quo and the US would not interfere in the internal affairs of European countries. The US has not followed this policy for many years and is often accused of meddling into the internal affairs of many countries. Basically if you do not do what the US states they would retaliate with trade embargo i.e Cuba. When USSR broke-up the US was in the different ministries helping them democratize. It did not take long for the Russians to realize that all policies were being created in favor of the US. When the Mujaheddin was fighting the Russians the US backed the Mujaheddin which later became the Taliban who the US is not at war with. South America is full of situations where American interference is very distasteful. The US backed the dictator Shaw of Iran, Mubarak, dictatorship Monarchy of Saudi Arabia etc.

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