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Which of the following would American Indians on reservations have most preferred in the 1880s? A.) having land that was closer to cities and railroads B.) having fertile land that supported crops and large bison herds C.) having access to gold mines and timber D.) having a desert land to settle permanently
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Which 2 can you eliminate?
  • wwhitlock
They would have preferred to not be confined to the res. Tribes were sent to these concentration camps for various reasons. Some were moved away from gold so the US could get at it. Some lived in the desert partially and were confined there because Americans only wanted the other parts of their domain. Or they wanted to keep them away from Americans. Many were used to following the buffalo and would have preferred to keep doing that. Nomadic groups had no interest in staying anywhere long enough to farm. Some groups were farmers and would have liked a good place to farm. Some Indians loved the migrant trails of whites, and then the railroad because just by showing up, somebody would give them stuff.
  • salemlover352
I think it's A or B

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