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Nickname for people who moved to the South during or following the Civil War. A federal agency created during the Reconstruction to help Civil War refugees. It primarily helped Freedmen in the South. This was a white southerner who supported northern Reconstruction policies after the Civil War. This Reconstruction era policy gave voting rights only to people whose grandfathers had been legally allowed to vote, thus excluded freedmen from voting. This term refers to the African Americans who left the south at the end of Reconstruction to start a new life in Kansas. This was a secret society organized in the South after the Civil War to reassert white supremacy by means of terrorism, fell from prominence after Reconstruction, but was reborn in the 1920s and remained powerful through the 1960s. This was the name given to a group of Southern Democrats who worked to break the power of Republicans in the South during the Reconstruction era. A person (usually former slave) who farmed a leased portion of land during the Reconstruction era. The planter shared a portion of the crop grown as payment for land, rent, and supplies. Often the farmer under agreement was taken advantage of by the land owner.
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HI, I Believe that question doesn't belong in the mathematics section.

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