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I reward medals and become a fan!! help please!!! several hundred people attended peaceful political rally in the park. The police arrest several people and search them. During the search, The please find no evidence of lawbreaking, but they take everyone cell phones and cameras and put the people in jail for " disorderly behavior." The people who were arrested think that the rights were violated. Which amendment will their lawyer likely used to argue their case? A) amendment 1, which safeguards Americans rights to free speech B) amendment 2,which safeguards Americans right to bear arm
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C) amendment V11: what safeguards Americans right to trial by jury D) amendment V111: which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment Sorry I didn't know what exactly amendment numbers they were
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Looks like free speech rights were violated if no crime was committed. However, if the crowd becomes unruly and police tell the to disperse they are disorderly if they don't follow those instructions. Also, the search seems unwarranted.

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